Time to Dance

For many events, the dance floor is the highlight of the night. It can be a terrific ice-breaker and bring out the most fun in your guests. While a lot of people look forward to dancing, others dread it and try to avoid the dance floor and the area around it for fear of getting dragged onto the dance floor. Most of the time, those who avoid dancing simply do so because they just don’t know how to dance.

A clever way to unify guests when it comes to dancing is to bring in a dance instructor to give a simple dance lesson prior to the dance floor time; even a 15 minute lesson may get your guests out on the dance floor and give them the confidence to try something new. Working through a group class with an instructor might encourage people who aren’t very comfortable dancing to give it a try. You can choose one of your favorite dances for the instructor to teach, or a dance you have always wanted to learn. Some suggestions of dances that the basic steps can be quickly learned would be salsa, cha-cha-cha, east coast swing or country line dancing. The dance instructor may also be able to put together a customized mix of dance moves that could be a lot of fun and personalized just for your event.

For an extra element of fun, consider having some simple props available for those on the dance floor. Think feather boas, hats and funny glasses. You might just hold the most fun event of the year. And who knows, one of your guests may eventually thank you for helping them discover their love of dancing.

Credits:My DeeJay, Scott MacDonald PhotographySouthern Vintage


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