Mini Foods

It seems that just about anything is cuter when it is miniature. Take a pie, for example, that typically serves eight people. Now shrink the full-size pie down so that it’s small enough for guests to easily pop into their mouths in one or two bites. The same can be done with a variety of dishes such as burgers and French fries, tacos and even macaroni and cheese. Serving a miniature portion of a dish can turn something like a simple grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup into a fancy appetizer.




Miniature foods allow guests to sample an array of dishes, without spoiling their appetites. The bite-sized foods also mean less mess for guests and hosts. It is easy to see why the miniature food trend has caught on so quickly. Just make sure not to forget to downsize your desserts too.

mini pies

mini cheesecake

Credits: Fresh TartThe Curvy Carrot, Pizzazzerie,  Kelly Hornberger on Every Last Detail via Elizabeth Messina on Snippet and Ink via Lover.lySouthern Weddings


  1. Yes, these are awesome ideas! We’ve been thinking about incorporating this in our catering menu for a while. The tiny mac and cheese dishes look great. Any chance you might walk us through how to do that? Great post!


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