Five Reasons to have an Event Planner

With all the information available on the internet pertaining to planning an event, one would think there would be no need for a professional planner. We beg to differ.  Each event, whether a large corporate party, wedding, birthday party, anniversary or company picnic, is different. The event is always unique to the couple, the guests, the geographic location, venue, and company or family histories.

DSCN0066_024An internet site or sites can provide a general timeline by providing check list including ideas, menus, themes or even colors.  They cannot offer the experience necessary to seamlessly and successfully coordinate an event, especially one as complex as a wedding or the size of a corporate party. Having an event planner is a good investment for a great party.

Occasions Catering offers COMPLIMENTARY event planning with our Catering Services. So along with our delicious menus and excellent staff and service, you are also able to take advantage of our event planning expertise. Below are five reasons why using Occasions Catering will make your event an event to remember.

1. Consider us Matchmakers: We can help you match vendors to your budget. With all our years in the event planning industry, we have met and worked with hundreds of vendors. We have the inside scoop on how they work, what they charge and how flexible they may or may not be. If you are looking for something different, we certainly can assist you in finding it. From Hawaiian Shaved Ice for your Luau to a Santa for the company party, we have got you covered.

2. We are Logistical Masters: We know the number of people and the length of time it will take to transform a room from conference seating to a dinner setting or from a wedding to a reception.  We also have  the experienced staff to do it quickly and efficiently.


3. Set Up to Clean Up: It’s your party, wouldn’t you love to sit back and really enjoy it. Whether it is company event or your wedding, WE want you to enjoy it. Our desire is that you look back at those photographs and you have a big smile on your face as you are surrounded by your guests. Let us do all the work.

4.  Behind the Scenes: You’ve worked hard on your event, the invitations have gone out and the RSVP’s have come in, everything is perfect, until… This is where we shine. We can come to the rescue and make the fix seem like the plan. We have lots of experience and we take your event as seriously as you do.

5.  We Know Where We Are: Most website articles are written for the general population. What works in Florida may have to have a rain contingency plan in Washington. Different types and sizes of venues book quicker than others. Where will the guests park, how will they get from parking to the event, will we need a tent for shade (or rain)? All of these are questions we will be able to answer for you.

We want your event to be a success, not only for you, but for your guests as well. We realize that you are working within a budget and we want you to feel that you have spent your money wisely. Hiring Occasions to take care of your catering needs comes with the bonus of an event planner to relieve any stress you may encounter planning your event.

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